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A-linjeformat Rund-urringning Korta ärmar Applikation Långa Chiffong Klänningar

Market Price: 4 600 kr

Sale Price: 1 144 kr

(76% RABATT)

* Obligatoriska fält

Skräddartid: 8-12 Dager Whether you choose a standard size or custom measurements, our tailors craft each dress to order. Frakttid: 3-8 Dager Your dress will be finished tailoring in around 12-15 days. Then we will ship it out via UPS / DHL / TNT/Fedex.

Den här klänningen är Gjort på Beställning. Oavsett om du väljer en standardstorlek eller egna mätningar, våra skräddare hantverk varje klänning på beställning.

Det första ankomstdatumet är 2019/12/21 om beställningen är placerad i dag.

A-linjeformat Rund-urringning Korta ärmar Applikation Långa Chiffong Klänningar


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Great dress, custom sizing is definitely the way to go, and will definitely order from this website again. A real plus was that the products came so quickly!




Got this dress as same as picture and the quality is second to none. It's fabulous on and I've gotten a lot of compliments. Recommend buy:)




I ordered this dress for my wedding and loved it! It arrived much earlier than the estimated date, and it was simply perfect. A lot of people were worried when I said I had ordered my wedding dress online: What if it doesn't fit? What if it doesn't get here in time? ... Heard all of that! However, the dress was exactly how I wanted it to be and it fits perfectly, I ordered with custom measurements.

Erika Lopes



o vestido é lindo, apesar de estar um pouco lardo na parte do busto é lindo. adorei




The dress is exactly as pictured. I will be getting my hemmed but I bought a standard size so I expected to need some altering.

hannah bradley



i ordered this dress for my brides maids and they r absolutly stunning i ordered them in gold they r smaller than i expected but they r simply stunning . i was nervous about ordering online for such a special occasion but was over the moon with the dresses. i was also nervous about the colour gold but they r really flattering my bridesmaides cant wait 2 wear them xxxxxx

Marleen Grittne



Das Kleid ist sehr schön und passt super. Frauen mit Konfektionsgröße 34/36 empfehle ich Größe 4 zu bestellen. Die Farbe Wassermelone sieht auch sehr gut aus. Im bin sehr zufrieden und würde jederzeit wieder hier bestellen.




All thumbs up for LiveDresses, very good experience. Customer service is ok. Will recommend this dress.




Amei o vestido.. fiquei meio com medo de o tecido ser ruim, ou de não gostar.. mas quando abri a caixa e vi o vestido gostei, e não me arrependo de ter comprado, agora vou comprar meu sapato




Très belle robe bien faite sans défauts apparents. malgré les frais de port et de douane, le prix reste intéressant.

Sharon Wildy



Oh my God...absolutely fabulous. Did not share with husband...as I wanted to surprise him. Dress was a hit. Being a seamstress, I was very inclined to inspect the tailoring....very good, in fact, it was excellent. The workmanship was much better than I have seen from others. I have ordered another dress and cannot wait for it to arrive.




Can this dress be worn with a birdcage veil?




niquel livraison rapide et très bonne qualité.... très belle robe merci




Jag är mycket nöjd med klänningen! Tack för den fina leveransen också.




I purchased this dress back in April and it took 20 days from the time I ordered to the delivery date. Custom measurements are definitely worth the money! I am extremely happy with this gown, and couldn't be happier!




Ordered custom made to my measurements. Beautifully packaged and beautifully made. I was ultra impressed with the fit around the bust, it even had bra-like fasteners for a snug fit. Lovely dress!




das kleid ist nach fast 4 wochen wartezeit heute angekommen.es ist wunderschön.tolle verarbeitung und sehr schöner stoff.es entspricht 100% der abbildung vom model.werde nun noch weitere kleidung nach mass bestellen.bin sehr zufrieden.ein kleiner tip,beim messen der größe kann es ruhig einen cm enger sein.kleidung ist wirklich genau nach maß geschneidert.bin sehr zufrieden und kann diese seite nur weiterempfehlen.




i LOVE this dress! It fit perfectly, the only thing I needed to alter were the straps that go around your neck. Since I wore my hair down, I just tied them and let my hair cover the knot. I'm 5'4'' so the dress went below my knees, but I was happy with the length. I ordered it in white, and as you can see in pictures it was VERY white. That's exactly what I wanted though. If you don't want the dress as bright as mine I would order it in Ivory. After I bought it I did have a doubts about it because it's a short dress, but I'm happy I stayed with it because it ended up being in the high 80s on my wedding day! It was also different than the "normal" long dresses. very pleased!




Too expensive for the type of dress.




Bonjour pouvez vous me dire pour une taille 58 COMMENT JE DOIS NOTER LA TAILLE




This dress was more beautiful than I expected. Having it fitted now. My advice to other women please make sure to use their measuring guide. This is very important. I love love love it.
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