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Sjöjungfru V-ringning Ärmlös Sweep släp With Rufsar Spandex Klänningar

Market Price: 4 504 kr

Sale Price: 792 kr

(83% RABATT)

* Obligatoriska fält

Skräddartid: 8-12 Dager Whether you choose a standard size or custom measurements, our tailors craft each dress to order. Frakttid: 3-8 Dager Your dress will be finished tailoring in around 12-15 days. Then we will ship it out via UPS / DHL / TNT/Fedex.

Den här klänningen är Gjort på Beställning. Oavsett om du väljer en standardstorlek eller egna mätningar, våra skräddare hantverk varje klänning på beställning.

Det första ankomstdatumet är 2019/08/02 om beställningen är placerad i dag.

Sjöjungfru V-ringning Ärmlös Sweep släp With Rufsar Spandex Klänningar

  • Mermaid V-neck Sleeveless Sweep/Brush Train With Ruffles Satin Dresses

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I was a bit snug in the hip area but I loved it!




absolutely gorgeous thank you!




I ordered this dress and it came almost two weeks before it was supposed to! It fit great but I had it tailored to where the straps that tied together were removed but overall I loved the dress. Thank you




Beautiful dress, fit nicely, and quick delivery.




Loved the dress. Thank you




Come out great thanks!




I will order again thanks








Me and my daughter was a little skeptical of bondage dress online due to some of the reviews on this website but I went with my gut feeling I really like the dress and it was last minute the trick of it all to make sure you get your right size is it's always get two sizes up especially if your daughter is very curvy like mine my daughter wear at 8/10 but I got her at 12 and I also sending her measurements so I got the dress 4 days before prom I rushed it to alterations where they only had to fix the breast part because it was way too big but other than that the dress was beautiful thank you so much HEBEOS for making my daughter prom beautiful




The dress was just like the picture! Thanks for listening to my request it made my dress perfect it was a little small in some places and big in others but with a little alterations it was great !




I ordered the dress on April 26th and the dress came in on May 9th when it was supposed to come May 14fh so it came earlier. I was scared because this was a last min dress and my prom was May 19th. I ordered a size 6 (the size 4 was my exact measurements so I ordered up). I’m 5’2 and like 127 lbs. I’m also a little curvy for my size. Con: the breast part was too wide so I paid $15 to have a lady tighten it for me. That was the only alterations needed. I felt the picture was misleading in the color. I ordered the color “show as in picture” and it’s pearl pink satin and i didn’t know that until a week later. So if you want basically a light pale pink then that’s your dress. In some photos and angels I could tell the dress sort of looked like the color in the cover photo but I didn’t care I liked the dress still.
There’s more pictures on my Instagram: jxstina or if you have any questions about it you can also message me. Great company I had no problems!




I thought this dress might be too tight for this plus sized gal (20-22) but is so comfortable that I could live in it. The stretch is generous over a range of sizes. I also figured that I'd need to get Spanxed up to wear it out, but my husband loved it as is.
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