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Slida/Kolumn One-Shoulder Pärlbrodering Ärmlös Långa Chiffong Klänningar

Market Price: 5 912 kr

Sale Price: 1 072 kr

(82% RABATT)

* Obligatoriska fält

Skräddartid: 8-12 Dager Whether you choose a standard size or custom measurements, our tailors craft each dress to order. Frakttid: 3-8 Dager Your dress will be finished tailoring in around 12-15 days. Then we will ship it out via UPS / DHL / TNT/Fedex.

Den här klänningen är Gjort på Beställning. Oavsett om du väljer en standardstorlek eller egna mätningar, våra skräddare hantverk varje klänning på beställning.

Det första ankomstdatumet är 2019/12/21 om beställningen är placerad i dag.

Slida/Kolumn One-Shoulder Pärlbrodering Ärmlös Långa Chiffong Klänningar


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I absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE this dress.
It fits my sister like a glove.




This dress turned out exactly how I wanted. It was custom made and fit perfectly! It also got here very fast once it was shipped. I was very happy with this dress!




I received my dress today and it was PERFECT! It looked just like in the pictures, the colour was exactly what I was hoping for and the fit was great. It's a bit long, but with me being 5'1"", I was prepared for it, and altering it to a more suitable length won't be a problem.
I am so excited to show off this wonderful dress. Thank you so much, I will definitely recommend you to my friends.




The dress is really beautifully made, I cannot fault it. The fabric is quite soft and needs a press as it arrived a bit rumpled but that's easy fixed. The follow up customer service after I placed the order was fantastic - they even rang me here in Australia to confirm sizing. Once I'd confirmed it arrived really quickly.




I ordered this dress and it is very well made. It's beautiful the only thing is that when they make this dress even if it's custom order they do not factor in that you may be short so it's make like all the rest.The dress is very pretty and like I said very well made.

Marcelo Melo



Chegou Perfeito.... apenas com uma falta de costura bem pequena




I found this dress and it was perfect for our wedding

Amanda Giles



This past week i received my order for this dress. I had ordered it in Dark Navy and it arrived as baby blue. As well it took a very long time to arrive as I had placed my order over 3 months ago. This is my graduation dress and it almost didnt arrive in time. Fortunately, all the measurments were correct. I will conclude by saying that i love this site and will use it again in the future but i question the quality of the service.

Priscila Garcia



Ummm sonho de vestido, foi para minha cunhada ... igual a foto ..foi taxado pela alfandega em 60% mas conpensou mesmo assim !!!





Stephanie McGee



The dress was beautiful fit perfectly!got so many compliments on how beautiful the dress was! shipping was on time and everything about the dress was perfect highly recommend this dress!




The dress was a great price. I love the way it looks and its just what I was looking for.




It was great! Customer service allowed me to add items to my order multiple times before it was shipped and they did so pleasantly! Very quick and great online service. Will do plenty of shopping here. Could not have been happier with my experience.

Hamdane Djouher



je voudrais commander la robe de mère de mariée mousseline châle inclus F E le coloris que vous proposez pourriez vous me dire lequel c est pour valider celle ci ainsi que le délai de livraison




I bought this dress for my friends wedding. I bought it in grey and it is just gorgeous, I love it. The dress is very well made and fits like a glove. I have bought other dresses from weddingeast and have never been disappointed. The dresses are always well made, very inexpensive, and there are so many to choose from and in so many colours. I will continue to buy from them for those very special occasions.

Harm Jan



De jurk kwam mooi op tijd binnen. Kwaliteit zag er uitstekend uit. De aansluiting van het lijfje op het rokdeel was wat krap waardoor er een vouw ontstaat. We denken dat het nog makkelijk te verhelpen is.




The dress is great bad it was packaged great and it got here in a timely matter

Jennifer Köhn



Also ich kann nur alle daumen hoch tun die ich habe!!! Das Kleid ist eine Top qualität!! Es ist so super verarbeitet schöne Materialien! Und das zu diesem Preis ist einfach unschlagbar!! Habe auch schon andere Sachen zb Hochzeitskuchenmesser und heber bestellt war auch super!! Ich bin restlos begeistert! Der Versand ging zügig!!! Zu meinem Glück ohne Zoll an mich! Den Tortenheber und Messer mit Gravur musste ich allerdings bei Zoll abholen´, da aber bis 22€ frei ist musste ich keine Steuer nachzahlen! Und das ist eben Risiko und das weiss man ja vorher! Allerdings währe dieses Traumhafte Kleid auch mit Zolgebühr immernoch ein Top Angebot!! Ich kann echt níchts sagen außer WOW!!!!!! Immer gerne wieder werde ich Ihre Dienste in gebrauch nehmen!! MfG

Heather Tuite



I just got the dress and tried it on for the first time. I really like the dress and I was impressed by all the lace. It's hard to see in the photograph, but the whole dress is covered in lace. It's very pretty.




Kleid ist sehr schön und genügend Stoff eingenäht, falls es nicht passen sollte. Die Träger müssen jedoch von der Schneiderin gekürzt werden








O vestido é maravilhoso,o tecido é de ótima qualidade...Um luxo!




I ordered the dress not knowing what to expect. When it arrived I was over the moon at just how gorgeous the dress is. I had asked for the dress to be made to my measurements, unfortunately I had to have the dress altered again once I received it. Having said this the customer service I received was FANTASTIC they even offered me a partial refund to cover the cost of the alterations I had to have done.I would definitely recommend this company and this dress, please don't have any reservations just buy.
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