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Slida Smala axelband Ärmlös Sweep släp With Spetsar Tyll Klänningar

Market Price: 4 680 kr

Sale Price: 1 522 kr

(68% RABATT)

* Obligatoriska fält

Skräddartid: 25-28 Dager Whether you choose a standard size or custom measurements, our tailors craft each dress to order. Frakttid: 5-12 Dager Your dress will be finished tailoring in around 25-28 Dager days. Then we will ship it out via UPS / DHL / TNT/Fedex.

Den här klänningen är Gjort på Beställning. Oavsett om du väljer en standardstorlek eller egna mätningar, våra skräddare hantverk varje klänning på beställning.

Det första ankomstdatumet är 2022/02/24 om beställningen är placerad i dag.

Slida Smala axelband Ärmlös Sweep släp With Spetsar Tyll Klänningar

  • Sheath Spaghetti Straps Sleeveless Sweep/Brush Train With Lace Tulle Dresses
  • Sheath Spaghetti Straps Sleeveless Sweep/Brush Train With Lace Tulle Dresses

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I absolutely loved my dress for my prom !! Thank you so much for sending me the most perfect dress ever




Dress was gorgeous




This dress was so pretty!!! Also the quality was great and the color was perfect! I did have to have it altered (additionally to the custom sizing) but that’s only because I have a long torso and spaghetti limbs. If you’d like to see more pictures of it my Instagram is @donewthmerci




I ordered half fearful it wouldn’t be nice or arrive in time. You know how it is with online orders. But it came earlier than scheduled. Dress fit as I had measured.




I was very surprised to see how beautiful the dress was once it arrived. The fabric and the seams are excellent.




Very pretty, fit very well with custom sizes




Beautiful dress and great quality. Would order another dress from Hebeos.




Thanks for the dress it looked beautiful




This is a beautiful dress and superbly tailored. I would recommend Hebeos to everyone.




Very beautiful dress and good quality but order so it’s a tiny bit big because absolutely no stretch or “give” in this dress so makes it very hard and uncomfortable to sit down.




The dress is verry beautiful thank you




Holy heck I am so impressed with this dress. I was pretty worried about ordering a dress online from a website I had never ordered from before and although I saw lots of other positive comments on other dresses, I kind of suspected that they were fake comments set up by the website. I was so wrong!! Firstly the company had super great communication. I included in my order the date of my prom and asking them to try their best to make sure that I get it on time. Because of this I received updates of my dress and they made it a priority to get it to me. It arrived a week before I was expecting it and well before prom. The dress itself is amazing quality, thick layers, beautiful lace and boning to hold structure. A seamstress that I know looked at the dress and said it could easily be sold at a bridal shop for $800 because of how well made it is. The only thing to note is that I ordered it "as picture:grey" but the colour is actually mauve not grey. I actually prefer the mauve much more than a grey and it does look like the colour in the picture, I think calling it "grey" isn't very accurate. The train is also quite long which you cant see in the picture but its gorgeous. The only problem I have with the dress is that I mucked up my measurements when I order (i did custom sizing) and so it doesn't zip up like I want it to although everywhere else fits me perfectly. To fix this, I am going to replace the zipper with a corset back. I 100% would recommend this website to anyone as my experience has been fantastic! I will upload prom photos once I have had my prom. If you have any questions for me or want more photos of my dress my instagram is @megsacc2x and I would be happy to help you out :)
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