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Trumpet/Sjöjungfru Satäng Applikation Smala axelband Ärmlös Sweep släp Bröllopsklänningar

Market Price: 6 038 kr

Sale Price: 1 453 kr

(76% RABATT)

* Obligatoriska fält

Skräddartid: 12-15 Dager Whether you choose a standard size or custom measurements, our tailors craft each dress to order. Frakttid: 3-7 Dager Your dress will be finished tailoring in around 12-15 days. Then we will ship it out via UPS / DHL / TNT/Fedex.

Den här klänningen är Gjort på Beställning. Oavsett om du väljer en standardstorlek eller egna mätningar, våra skräddare hantverk varje klänning på beställning.

Det första ankomstdatumet är 2021/11/07 om beställningen är placerad i dag.

Trumpet/Sjöjungfru Satäng Applikation Smala axelband Ärmlös Sweep släp Bröllopsklänningar


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I got custom measurements done & then ordered a little bigger just to be on the safe side & got it tailored down once I received the dress. It came just as I expected & it came on the exact day they stated. I was very happy & felt very beautiful on my day!




Love it thank you! Can't wait to wear it in May!

Mutavu penuel



Happy us




Wrote a review on 8/23/2020 and wanted to write a review with dress on wedding so future customers could see the end result. No tailoring or anything.




Honestly it was more than i expected! Shipping was fast & the dress was amazing




I customized and it fit perfectly. I added a belt to shape my figure more. The price was great and the dress was better than the expensive dresses at david bridal.

Sarah Smith



I was very concerned to purchase a wedding dress online, but I am very happy with my dress. I ordered a size 2 standard size, did not custom size. It fits great, just needs a hem and a little alteration in the belly, but for “off the rack” I can’t complain.
The fabric and construction appear to be good quality.




Omg !!!! Let me tell you. I order this dress for my small ceremony due to COVID as well. I didn’t see many comments and they all sounded the same ! Lol Also, I was hesitant because I couldn’t see the pictures of the back of the dress. I was so hesitant to order but I went with my gut and purchased on my credit card just in case I wanted to dispute it. This dress was breath taking!!! In the pictures you see. I added belt I ordered from Amazon for $16.

I originally spent $1,200 on my dress I’m wearing for my postponed original wedding. I’m so upset because I could have just order from here !!! This dress fit like a glove !!! I LOVE it and received so many compliments!!! It was perfect for my mountain wedding. The shipping was accurate . I would definitely order again !!! Look no further !!




I got this dress from my small wedding ceremony (we postponed our “big wedding” to next year due to COVID). I am so happy with it! Great material & I got the back customized to be more in a “v-shape” rather than straight across. I also got lace added to the train. Truly stunning!

V Rodriguez



Purchased for a photo shoot, amazing dress! Fit perfectly. Fabric was nice. Amazing quality for the price.




This is the second dress I ordered because I wasn't quite sure about the first. I absolutely love it! It's slightly different than the pic but the quality is good. The lace part up top isn't evenly constructed but you can't really tell. Make sure you do custom measurements. Both dresses from Hebeos were spot on with those. The stomach/hip area is a little funky and I may take it to a seamstress to see what they can do, but overall nice dress and took a little shy of 3 weeks to arrive.




I was scared as well ordering my wedding dress online... But it came in fast and it fit almost perfect but that is my fault as i had to have my husband measure me but the quality is great and the dress is beautiful!




I’m not gonna lie, I was very scared to order my wedding dress online, cause you never know nowadays. I ordered my dress with my measurements and being only 4’11 I did not know what to expect. Dress came in less than two weeks, I am 100% satisfied. It fits me perfectly. It surpassed my expectations, can’t wait to wear it. Thank You Hebeos.




Am very satisfied with my dress, I ordered it to measure it fits me great, nothing to say the quality of the fabric is better, thank you hebeos.

Janie J



I just received my dress. What to say ... what perfection! I order them to measure. She is perfect ! Perfect quality I recommend perfectly. I just have to customize it;). I'm happy ... I'm looking forward to being here




At first I was really scared to order it especially that I hadn't tried it on. I took the risk and was waiting anxiously. When I got the dress I panicked because it was in a small bag. Once I took it out and tried it on I LOVED IT. It's just what I wanted. I was also super excited about not having to take in it. The size i ordered was my exact size and the price for it was amazing. I couldn't believe it! Amazing dress and I can't wait to wear it on my wedding day.

Thank you
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